Through this blog I found and embraced myself. I am a bilateral amputee after surviving meningitis in 1986. I have some scarring and have gone through numerous reconstructive surgeries. I am here to encourage independence, share my story, and grow into the best person I can be. I enjoy all things music, art, travel, cooking, humor, love and general creativity. Let's help each other through this journey of life!


Prosthetic Labs Calendar Photoshoot!

Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. I am doing my first ever photoshoot. Granted I am doing my own make up and outfits but still. So excited to be a part of this project. I had received a calendar last January when I initially got my new prostheses. I read through each month and learned about some really amazing people through their stories. I’ll be taking photos in this great local garden with a friend of mine and also do a solo shoot to show more components of my prostheses. It will be given to all clients of Prosthetic Labs which is a Midwestern company. It’s nice to have something positive to look forward to in regards to my prostheses. I’ve loved having this amazing pair of prostheses but learning to use them has taken some time. I can walk just fine but keep having blisters (when my legs get too hot) and that one open sore that is finally healing. Must keep a low profile this week so I am able to walk around this garden without too many issues. I’m hoping to have my friend take photos as a behind the scenes look. Stay tuned!!!

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